Organic geometry through traditional minimalism.

Primitive Cyprus is the work of three young designers and a biologist, in putting together traditional products and contemporary design. Unique products in custom designed packaging, and in limited production with high nutritional and aesthetic value. The experience and guidance of farmers and craftsmen enriches their ritual thinking, and redeems them daily.

Master your dietary destiny and find salvation in primitive things.


Portraits by NotoriusGrey

Yorgos Marantos
Partner, Designer


Ellie Demetriou

Yeorgia Demetriou
Partner, Designer/Biologist

Yannis Bartzis
Partner, Designer


Associates & Collaborators

Lacon Ltd. Cyprus
Certification & Inspection

Karagiorgi Ltd. Olive mills
Olive oil extraction & bottling

Loucas Demetriou
Small Organic farmer

Notorius Grey
Brand design services

Doxa Constantinou
Accounting Services

Hovig Topalian
Legal & Registry Services


Lefteris Savva
Filming & Recording

Myth Factory
Studio & equipment

Food lab & testing

Kouvelas S.A.
Glass & Ceramic Decoration

Mougiakakos Printing House
Print material

Michalis Toumazou
Video editing & animation



Traditional Minimalism

Local delicacies

With a passion for crafting and creating exceptional products, we opt for small, organic produce and practices. Starting with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and expanding to other unique products and design items. 

In Food Minimalism we trust. In your subtle senses we entrust.

Design items

Limited production design items, made available through local craftsmen. 

Minimalism is primitivism intact. Luxuriate yourself through primitive thinking.

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