Crafting Exceptional Olive Oil. Small batch production from primitive, anhydrous, organic, unique groves. Each bottle is numbered and hand-signed.


Acidity: 0.29 % | Peroxides: 8.8 mEqO2 / kg | Spectrophotometric determination of K232: 1.207 | Spectrophotometric determination of K270: 0.091 | DK in ultraviolet: 0.000

"The olive oil is classified as semi fruity (median value between 3 and 6) and balanced (median of bitter and / or spicy not exceeding two units of the median value for fruitiness). “ Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural & Environmental Development of Cyprus, Organoleptic Evaluation Laboratory for olive oil” 01.28.2016.

Harvested exclusively by hand without the use of mechanical means. | First cold extraction through a single, continuous process, by centrifugation. | Hand bottling & labeling. | Each bottle is hand-signed & numbered.

Your salvation guide in a bottle

With a fresh and clean content, inside and out, our eco-conscience is at ease. Primitive’s packaging comes in a hand-painted, brilliant white, high quality, glass bottle, with black details in silkscreen technique. Fueling our passion for design, we randomly renew the illustrated side of Primitive’s bottle; keeping ourselves, and those selected few, on our toes.

Primitive makes you think! Seek your way through Traditional Minimalism.


Unfiltered love. A primitive affair

It’s not just a gastronomic love affair; it’s about maintaining the high standards of this basic ingredient of gastronomy. In an arid, volcanic island, that's constantly under the blinding, bright light of the sun, what eventually gives is the refined taste of this unfiltered, early harvest, extra virgin olive oil. Maintaining the aroma of freshly cut grass, with a fruity taste, and a spicy finish.

An unfiltered, primitive love is the only one worth keeping.



Master your dietary destiny. Find salvation in primitive things.

Reinventing ourselves through the essence of things, we opt for small, sustainable, organic groves and farmers, that supply us with their precious seasonal harvests. Early harvest, low acidity, limited production, extra virgin olive oil from unique, organic groves.

Want more? Make your senses work, forever.